Possible Costs
Please bear in mind that there can be additional costs, which I outline below, when I come and work for you.

Normal wear and tear on the saw is only to be expected. However dirty, mud encrusted or stone contaminated poles, or metal objects within, are killers of saw blades and increase the risk of injury both to myself and others. For this reason I ask that logs, when handled by machinery, are kept off the floor as much as possible, avoiding skidding on the ground and cleaned either by brushing or better still, as some sawyers specify, power washing.

Likewise when you know that they’ve come from a field boundary or have been used as gateposts please cut off the lower 4 feet and burn it as firewood as the likelihood of metal objects in the sawlog is very high up to this height.

My saw only cuts wood – wire, staples, nails, gate hangers and stones cause serious damage and consume time in either dressing the teeth, when they’re recoverable or changing blades when not. If the blade is heavily damaged on your wood I will apply a charge to cover repair I can scan for metal in the tree but only to a depth of a couple of inches. If I have any doubts I will be obliged to reject the log, to protect the machine and for safety reasons.

Travel and distance
This is a mobile service, based in Drimoleague, West Cork. However increasing distances reduce my ability to achieve a full working day, especially on short, part day work. Therefore a charge will be added to attend sites beyond 30 miles/50km from home. This is applied to the outward journey only, I do not expect you to pay for me to move on to the next job!

Minimum charges
As with most other industries, a minimum charge is applied when small, short jobs are taken on. This goes some way to cover the hidden costs that aren’t immediately evident, such as loading and unloading at home, insurances, running costs that aren’t covered in the travel fee above, and the other equipment that comes as part of service. The minimum charge is €120 which includes the first 3 hours.  Beyond that normal hourly rates apply.  Please don’t view this as a sign of unwillingness to do small jobs at all. – I’m perfectly happy to work on one tree or 100!

All quotes and site inspections are free of charge.

I hope that reading this has been of interest to you, and that you are more aware of the possibilities and processes involved in getting your own timber converted. It isn’t rocket science and certainly shouldn’t be intimidating – it just requires the mobile Mill and hard work on my part too!



Mobile Sawmilling – timber cut in the way you want it