Saw Milling

Saw Milling – Background

There are many uses to be had from trees & woodlands.  Some are not so obvious such as environmental, habitat and amenity or landscape benefits, where the trees are not intended to be a crop.

Conversely firewood is an obvious, though wasteful, use when premium timber, through a need simply to ” tidy the place up ” is cut and split to keep the home fires burning. The twisty branches and damaged or split trunks will produce just as much heat, leaving major trunks etc to give a second, more valuable harvest

For the farmer, householder or small scale tree grower, bringing in a mobile mill can create a useful, and valuable, harvest especially when considering the cost of buying in sawn timber from a builder’s provider or timber yard.

Mobile milling

Mobile saw mills have the advantage of excluding all of the significant transport costs and issues. The timber remains on the property where it was grown, firmly under the owners control in terms of how it’s handled and cut, readily available for future projects.

These small versatile mills are able to set up in gardens, farm yards, fields or even the woods themselves, with practically no impact on the ground underneath them. No added costs apply from road haulage ,or from agents, brokers or management.

It is quite simply


Mobile Sawmilling – timber cut in the way you want it